The Wall of Him and Her (10/7/2013)

This poem is recent. Someone commented on how much they liked it when I shared it with others, so here we go.

She could leave her house and go to him
But she won’t.
He could call her up and say he’s sorry and make her smile down the phone
But he won’t.

Pride will eat you alive, once it’s held you back for long enough.
She knows all the borders of the land of sense
She wouldn’t even dare trespass onto stark-raving-lunatic territory.
He won’t ever climb down the rungs of this ladder
Down to humility.

There’s a shadow holding them back and it grips them tight
They’ll drown in it
Despite the air of freedom all around them.
They could do anything they wanted
They could kill that shadow

But why should they?

Pride gnaws away at his heart and at hers when she sees him pass by
Trade’s forbidden, a word is illegal to exchange
Quarantined nations
Shut off from each other
Infected with pride

This wall isn’t coming down despite the revolutions that take place in her brain at night
And the uprisings that brew in his.
Pride crushes those revolutionaries of love and humility
Sends them packing with sore behinds
And sits on its wall that it built between the two
Between him and her
And that’s first class building work.

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