Dragonslayer (?/?/13)

This poem is fairly recent, having been written at a Creative Writing meeting at university in the last few months. As it was handwritten, I have no date attached to it.

Her face was streaked with tears
She wondered if he’d come at all
He’d heard her sob from far away
That desperate, lonely call.

“Dragons,” she’d said, her dark eyes wide
He promised to stop by
And cast those monsters far away
So she’d no longer cry.

To her delight he came in haste
And struck that dragon down
She gave him secrets as reward
“I’ll keep them safe,” he vowed.

She took a chance, she took a shot
And kissed him in delight
He held her arms and kissed her back
The damsel and the knight.

“The dragon’s dead,” he said to her
“Now will you come away?”
She gave him her heart, and gave him her tears
For luck and love she prayed.

He treated her well, she loved him so
He was good and sweet and kind
But a dark spot in his heart lurked
That she did not expect to find

He snapped her treasures clean in two
Her heart, her love, her tears
For the dragonslayer, her saviour dear
Was the real danger she had feared.

She cast him out, she sat alone
How could it now be so?
He’d slain the dragon, freed her, yet
He’d torn her heart in two.

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