The First Dragonslayer (?/?/13)

This is a first draft of Dragonslayer, which I posted earlier. I ultimately scrapped this, but it has some lines in it that I like and couldn’t work into Dragonslayer.

It wasn’t me.
I wish I could break you the way you broke me. Snap you clean in half like a twig.
Like a dreamer’s heart.
You always wanted to play the hero
Slay the dragon
Get the girl
But what they don’t tell you is that in those tales
The knight is hammered
The dragon’s his best friend
And the princess only let him fight for her.
That hunk of meat in my chest rattles against my ribs like prison bars when my eyes catch you
Because I can’t rid myself
Of the thought of you
The taste of you
The scent of you
And I’m OK, but I’m not alright.
Dragon’s slain.
Battle’s done.
You’re done.
It was a flash-in-the-pan of a fight, and I don’t mean the dragon’s fight.
I wish you’d care.
But you won’t. You won’t even try.

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