The Best of Me (3/10/2013)

Another quickie. Again, same subject as Episode V and Light. Not the best, but I liked the food metaphors.

I try to be my best for you.
No tangles in my hair today,
No creases in my clothes.

Wore my bracelet for the first time in forever
And that necklace with the rune
My dad brought it back from Iceland
I don’t know what it means.

Clean shoes, fresh face
Ate my dinner early so my top wouldn’t strain.
Rubbed anti-frizz from roots to tip
Sprayed myself with scent.

I hoped to see your face
Because I knew you would appreciate
Questions bubbling in my head
Can’t think of what to ask you first
My breath catches as I step inside.

I made myself my best today.
I hope you’ll like it.
I hope you’ll just cast a smile at me
Or ask me what the necklace means
And I’ll laugh because I don’t know either.

I’ll give you everything. I’ll hand you a plate
A plate set with the best of me
I hope your eyes will light up with the sight
I hope your stomach rumbles
And that you’ll consume the best of me.

But that dish goes cold.
I could have been the best you ever tasted
But you wasted the chef’s time.
I offered you up the best of me.
You’ll never even realise.

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