Jump (5/10/13)

I don’t really like this one much, but I figure it’s better to post something than nothing at all.

God, push me off the edge.

My fingers grow cold on the barrier.
I can see it below me. Warm, inviting – 
My heart’s racing and I can barely breathe
So focused on the prize that I forget where I am.

Thick metal railings block my path. I can almost taste it,
That sweet victory, the feel of my lips on yours
I just need to jump.

I haul myself over the barrier, place my foot into thin air
But I can’t move. Silver steel under my toes
And I kick and stamp but I can’t get down.

I have vertigo.

Panic. Hands clutching at me to pull me back
I wrestle away and punch the air
Rain my fists down onto nothing
Then the nothing becomes metal, and it’s me that breaks.

Everywhere I tread, a new rail.
Cold and unforgiving on my bare skin
And I can still see you below me.

I want to be there. Down there, with you.
I want to jump, but fate doesn’t want me to.

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