Thankful (14/10/13)

I’m grateful for late mornings
And days where I don’t have to do anything.
I’m thankful for the smell of grass
And the red leaves on the ground as autumn gets under way.

I’m thankful for that song that brings me to my knees
And banoffee flavoured ice cream.
I’m grateful for the books on my shelf
And marathons of TV shows.

I’m thankful for that boy who makes me smile
And the friends who are always there for me.
I’m grateful for cats
And that I can eat Nutella straight out of a jar.

I’m thankful for Star Wars (even the prequels)
And the sound of rain on my window
And the buzzing of chatter on the bus.
I’m grateful for my best friend’s laugh.

I’m thankful for the people in my life
And I’m glad that we broke up.
I’m thankful for fantasy novels
And piano ballads
And beautiful chord progressions
And macaroni cheese
And that dusty old heater
And the music on my playlist
And the hairbrush I sing into
And movies that make me cry
And that pretty little notebook I never used.

I never said it, not ever
But I’ll be thankful, forever.