Water, Part 2 (30/10/13)

I seem to like using water as a theme at the moment. This is kind of a wake-up call to myself.

I cannot be saved.

I thought my sadness was romantic.
I thought I was a princess
Locked in her tower
Hidden behind a wall
And caged in by her tears.

My eyes grew red with water
And my room began to flood.
I held the liquid in my fists
Convinced that it would be a beacon
That someone would come
That someone would see
And rescue me.

But they won’t.
They turn away in disgust
And only approach a smile.
So I pulled out the plug
And drained the tears away.

I mopped the floor before you got here.
Soaked up the mess with paper
Before you could spy a puddle.
I spread paint over the water damage
And threw out the broken things.

I saved myself – I needed to.
I did it because you shouldn’t have to.