I Looked for God (12/11/13)

One day I thought I would lose my faith
So I went looking for God.
Sitting on a pew in that empty church
Five hours came and went
I left without a change.

Didn’t do much to cry to a priest
Who told me that God works in ways
That I could not possibly understand.

Mary was younger than me
And she had purpose.
I have nothing.
I only have whispers of a dream.

I read the book again
Pored over the pages till my eyes were sore
I didn’t find the answer there.

I asked for an answer
I received nothing.
I stopped looking for God.
He wasn’t there.

A week, gone. I felt alone
And locked myself away
Took off the cross from round my neck
And hid it right away.

And then He came.

A photograph.
A happy pair.
I saw the way she looked at her
And I knew God was there.

A simple kiss
A tiny smile
A joyful tear
An answered prayer

I went looking for God in every place
But He was always here.