Cracks (14/11/13)

For so long I looked for a crack.

I ran my eyes over your flawless form
And looked desperately for a blemish.
I found nothing.

My hands shook as I hoped there was something
A little break, a scuff, a mark
Somewhere on you, in you, of you
You never noticed me looking
So I never told you why.

Then one day I found your cracks.
But they were horrific.
I pressed my fingers to the jagged edges
And I pressed
And I dug
And I pulled back your flawless curtain
And I saw the way you really are.

I have the pieces in my hands now.
I shattered my perfect dream of you.
It will hurt for a little while
But the pieces will build another love
A better love
Covered in cracks that I can see
But cracks that are not as deep
As the cracks that ran inside of you.

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