A Box in the Attic (16/11/13)

I know I’ll grow out of you someday.

I’ll wrap you up in tissue paper
And place you in a box
I’ll lock that box
And hide it in the attic of my heart
Never to be opened again
But always to be treasured.

I will see the wooden shape of your casket and I will smile.
I’ll take your memories of me and burn them
Along with mine in a china bowl.

Maybe the scent of the smoke will cure me
And I’ll forget about how I open the box
I’ll forget the combination
But I’ll go on keeping you safe
Because you helped to fix me
And I can only preserve you.

As long as I live
I will know that it was you.
I’ll smile when I think of our shared secret
And I’ll shelve and prize it along with you.

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