Back to Life (25/11/13)

You were there when I needed you most.

I pined for him though I knew I shouldn’t,
And you, you’re taking it all away.
I feel my love for him ebb away like a receding tide,
The water of my heart flooding into your being.

He showed me a closed door;
He tried to show me the stars.
But you, you opened the door and led me through
And I touched the stars with my fingertips.
Because of you.

I used to get lost in his smile
Now I trace my path in your life.
You breathe, I perish, and you revive me
Just like the way you always come back.

I’d follow you across the universe
And I’d see the galaxy in your smile.
But I’ll stay, I’ll linger here
And I’ll always be quietly grateful.

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