God Will Wait for Me (1/12/13)

I can’t stop running, though I don’t try to halt.
I think God understands that I need time
And I think He’ll wait for me there
Until the clock has ticked
And I can face it all again.

To see that sight would break me down
Send me back to where I started.
My footsteps don’t echo on the staircase
Because I no longer tread there.

One day I’ll burst through that door
And God will know that I am healed.
I wait not for His hand to fix me
Because I need to mend myself.

One day I’ll stare up at the cross
And I’ll know that I am right.
But now I feel so wrong, so guilty
And so humiliated in my love.
I shall wait until the tide recedes.

God knows that I wait for my love to disappear.
God knows that I hurt at the thought of those eyes.
God knows that I cannot set foot into that sanctuary
Because it’s not only my holy ground, it’s yours.
I cannot show my faith
Because my love
Keeps me away.