Little Black Book (14/12/13)

Maybe one day there’ll be a microphone in my face
And they’ll clamour to know who the words are about.
Maybe one day I’ll hand you that little black book
Filled up with words about you
And even though I won’t love you any more
My love shall still bleed off the page
Like a freshly broken heart
Like a leaking, loose-lipped pen
Like a relic of my lost reality.

Happy/Loved/Her (14/12/13)

I dredged up that tiny bit of love
And told you the most painful truth.
Be happy. Be loved. Find her.

I turned away and began to rebuild my life.
Filled in the spaces you’d carved out
And blocked in the shape of your shadow.
I didn’t even begin to think
That you were doing your own filling in.

You found happiness.
I spread mortar across a brick
And filled in the gaps some more.
I didn’t notice at first.

You found love.
I still had my torch, peering into the dark
And looking for a new distraction.

You found her.
I told you that you would, one day,
Though I didn’t think it would be so soon.