I Think We Should Stop Seeing Each Other. (22/2/14)

This is kind of rubbish but I haven’t posted in a while, and yay for rhymes, I guess.

I will let you go because you break me down.
A guilty pleasure, the taste of your mouth
The taste of cider and passionfruit ice
And that disgusting gin you had that night.

For a few days you were my great escape
A brief encounter, an adventurous date.
For one single day you tore down my walls
And we snuck into the cathedral.

We were broke and you were bold
That one winter day that it wasn’t cold.
And you wouldn’t stop laughing at my face
When I realised that we hadn’t paid.

I let you paint my face and I touched yours.
I think I said too much, too forced
When I stared down at the concrete floor
And you’d finished your drink long before.

It scares you that I think justice is due
And I will not bend my brain to you.
I told you truths and smiled all through
But the words were not your brand of truth.

You let me down in the hardest way
And now I fight the selfish urge to stay.
I’ll leave now before we get too deep
And maybe then I’ll get some sleep.


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