Blog name change! tuesdaymorninginthedark -> theladyofastolat

Just a heads up that I’ve changed my URL from tuesdaymorninginthedark to theladyofastolat. Been meaning to change it for a while (wanted something a bit more original than song lyrics) and I’ve been reading a heck of a lot of Arthuriana recently and I really love Elaine of Astolat… so I thought it was fitting. Will try and post some more stuff soon!

Bed-mates Who Don’t Complain (8/5/14)

Hot and soft, with my knee
Pressing into the back of yours.
Couldn’t see your face in the dark
But I could hear you grinning.

Smelt like fabric softener and alcohol
And for a moment the world span backwards.
It was just you and me, in the gloom
Trying not to speak at dawn.

You snorted at my stupid noises
Didn’t complain when legs collided
I stared into the blackness and I knew
A few inches away from me, just you.