The Queen and her Castle (25/9/14)

For when your body wants one thing and your mind and heart want another. Quick write.

You wanted to invade.
Again and again, you asked for invitation
And the queen declined and built up my walls.
You attacked them, made me tremble
With your words, the way you made me quake.
Your soldiers kept on but I stood fast
Impenetrable fortress, a diamond palace.
You called her a snow queen
Who had a castle hot, that burned to touch
But had a heart of winter stone.

It took months before you tired.
Drew your forces back and retreated.
She’d won this war, and she fell to her knees
As you disappeared into the sunset
Taking your delicate words with you.
She loved herself, then.

But years dragged on, she longed for battle
And the way your lips felt against her earlobe
When she’d let you in then driven you out.
She ignored my desperate protests,
My plea to let you stay and stoke my fire.
She never gave in, she never gave up
And she never let you conquer her.

And then, a small reminder.
A reminder of what it felt like
To have your hands pound against my solid doors
To have you beg for entry to my body
My castle, my land, my fortress
To hear your soft words on the wind.
My body thought you were a sweet thing,
The queen knew you were a viper.

But yet I crave your poison.
I wish you’d tear down my walls
And smash my drawbridge
And slay my guardsmen,
But you won’t need to.
My wall is down, my moat is bridged
And my guardsmen died long ago.

Defences are down. The queen is out.
Now, won’t you take her treasure?

Four Seasons, One Name (23/9/14)

This is about three guys who all had the same name. Quick write.

The first, you were summer.
A blur of sweat and dirt and rough hands
Your skin kissed by the August sun.
Dark eyes crinkled as you grinned at me,
And my cheeks burned in the bright heat.

You were the second, and you were autumn.
Lured me in with warmth and light
Only to breathe chilled winds down my back.
With every word you whispered
My feelings for you scattered
Like leaves in a cool breeze.

You were the third, you arrived
When winter was about to leave.
I’d built walls of ice and snow
Ready to keep you out.
But I relented when I saw your Northern Lights
Under harsh neon bulbs:
You smiled. I cracked,
And God, I knew you were spring.

Colours: Green


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Fourth in my series of poems based on colours and memories. Red is here, Orange is here and Yellow is here. This is probably my least favourite of the lot, so I may redo it sometime. A lost wallet seems a little silly when the other poems were about more important events in my life. As such, I’ll post another from this series in a little while.

Battle Queen

I have this novel idea about a princess being tricked into marrying a prince who ultimately turns out to be a demon, and exiles her from her own kingdom as soon as they take the throne. She decides to fight for her kingdom and destroy the evil that has taken it from her. This is a rough idea in poem form, may expand later.

My heart races like a wild horse,
Fingers tight around my steel.
Ground is firm beneath my feet
They must not see me quake.

My reddish hair, once beautifully braided
Falls loose in dirty strands around my face.
I am a wild girl, a forest child
Who now gambles to keep her crown.

One man, two, three, they are around me
Like my uncoiling hair they fall out of place
I cannot tell if that banging that I hear
Is the sound of war drums or my heart.

An eagle’s screech, a banshee’s howl
Bursts forth from my painted mouth
As my loyal friends, they fall before me
And their blood is as scarlet as my lips.

My sword, it moves of its own accord
And finds the monster I’m looking for.
His blood splashes clean across my face
And now my husband lies as white as bone.

A Fucked Up Mess (1/9/14)

This is kinda old but I figured I’d post it anyway.

You have no shirt. You smell like morning
Sweat and soap and fabric softener
Sweetest smell I’ve ever known.
You wipe the food from your mouth, and I
Wonder what your lips would feel like against my thigh.
I want you to go on holding me
In that way that only you can do
Only you can make me feel
Like I’m not broken any more.
I watch your eyes as I hide secrets behind mine
Do you ever think about what we could be?
I crave your touch at 3AM
And wonder if you’d do it if I asked.
We are fucked up, fucking up,
Fucking in this mess I dreamt up.