Battle Queen

I have this novel idea about a princess being tricked into marrying a prince who ultimately turns out to be a demon, and exiles her from her own kingdom as soon as they take the throne. She decides to fight for her kingdom and destroy the evil that has taken it from her. This is a rough idea in poem form, may expand later.

My heart races like a wild horse,
Fingers tight around my steel.
Ground is firm beneath my feet
They must not see me quake.

My reddish hair, once beautifully braided
Falls loose in dirty strands around my face.
I am a wild girl, a forest child
Who now gambles to keep her crown.

One man, two, three, they are around me
Like my uncoiling hair they fall out of place
I cannot tell if that banging that I hear
Is the sound of war drums or my heart.

An eagle’s screech, a banshee’s howl
Bursts forth from my painted mouth
As my loyal friends, they fall before me
And their blood is as scarlet as my lips.

My sword, it moves of its own accord
And finds the monster I’m looking for.
His blood splashes clean across my face
And now my husband lies as white as bone.

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