Four Seasons, One Name (23/9/14)

This is about three guys who all had the same name. Quick write.

The first, you were summer.
A blur of sweat and dirt and rough hands
Your skin kissed by the August sun.
Dark eyes crinkled as you grinned at me,
And my cheeks burned in the bright heat.

You were the second, and you were autumn.
Lured me in with warmth and light
Only to breathe chilled winds down my back.
With every word you whispered
My feelings for you scattered
Like leaves in a cool breeze.

You were the third, you arrived
When winter was about to leave.
I’d built walls of ice and snow
Ready to keep you out.
But I relented when I saw your Northern Lights
Under harsh neon bulbs:
You smiled. I cracked,
And God, I knew you were spring.

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