Weather (12/11/14)

I thought you were perfect
And I cried out my love into a puddle.
I wished I could be sunshine
But I was a grey cloud
That wouldn’t stop drizzling.
I wanted to be bright for you
But I could only rain harder.
I screamed my apologies
In claps of thunder
As you stood there, drenched
And insisted that you didn’t mind.
But you belong in the light.
You belong somewhere warm and dry
Without me to soak your clothes.
At first the rain was welcome
But now I flood everything
And I can’t stop myself.
I don’t know how to shine.
I don’t know how to make rays of white
I don’t know how to warm your skin
Or be the light that you need.
But I also know that it’s you
That it’s you who makes me rain
And even though I want you so badly
I also want to be sunshine
And I don’t want to be a grey cloud.
I love you but you make me rain
So I will have to let you go.