Trapped (13/11/14)

I am jealous and insecure
And I cry too much.
I feel too intensely
And I can’t hold it back.
I am too awkward
And too shy
And I am an irritation
Fly in the ointment
Someone who doesn’t fit.
I am a disappointment
Someone who looks good
On the surface
And then they trap you
Like a carnivorous plant
That won’t release.
You’ll think I’m a sweet thing
For a few weeks
And then I’ll catch you
When I open up
And pull you in deeper
Then close my doors on you.
You’ll regret whatever you felt
Be it a friendship
Or a crush
You won’t feel it any more
But you won’t get out
Because you can’t get out
Because you are trapped
In my fucked up life with me.

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