No More (10/12/14)

This is for anyone who once had unrequited love for someone, and even though you don’t know if you’re in love with them any more, you know that if they turned up and your doorstep and told you they loved you, you’d fall for them all over again.

There was a time when your smile made me bleed
But now, to you, I say, “No more.”
When I thought my heart would burst with pain
But now, God only knows, I am numb.

Once upon a September I craved the touch of your mouth
And now I see it and think on it no more.
You can still light up the lamps in this empty house
But I will be okay when the power cuts out.

An honest knight to my distressed princess
But she waits for him no more.
She climbed down from her tower long ago
But she would not run if she did meet him upon the road.

I guess what I mean to say is this:
The passion faded and I cry no more.
I put my love in a locked box and hid the key
But if you ever call, I will always let you in.