Hero (18/7/15)

For when you notice that someone is so quick to help and save others, and they inspire you to want to help you save yourself.

You save them every day,
You and your effortless way of being good.
I sit in the audience, my face upturned towards you:
What if you saved me?

A tempting thought, but ultimately, useless.
They all tried before and they failed.
I am not trapped in a burning house
I am not drowning in a boiling sea
And there are no dragons imprisoning me.

But you make it a little easier,
And I can cut myself loose of these ropes
When I see you smile.
They might bind me again later,
But then they’ll be easier to┬ábreak.

I am choked by myself,
And only I can relinquish this hold.
Until then, I will watch you and your selfless acts
And see if I can learn a little myself.

I will watch you rescue them all, but darling
You do not need to rescue me.