Luminescent (31/7/15)

For the person who helps you to help yourself.

I wander alone during sleepless nights
And dream of your mouth pressed to mine.
These nights are long and lonely
But then, the day breaks:
Spill your light into my dark crevices
And guide my hand to my own light switch.

You are luminescent.

When you do good
You shimmer like sunlit gold.

I will chase the sun and hope
That I will find you there
Among the rays of gleaming white
And I will share them with you.
It’s almost morning
And you are thereĀ atĀ the horizon.

When you’re with me
I can light myself up.
I can switch the tired batteries for new ones
And power myself again.

Your Song (31/7/15)

You are the song I play loud in the car
Screaming down the motorway
As I belt you at the top of my lungs

You are my drunken yells at 2am
I will spill my drink as I roar your words
In a cheap club that smells like beer
Dancing to the beat that everybody knows

The sweet tune of a busker on a busy London street
I can hear you in every note, every word

You’re the commercial jingle that gets stuck in my head
I’ll hum you all day long

The song I turn up the radio for:
That’s you

You are a love song
And sometimes I may sing the words wrong
Because I am so wrapped up in ecstasy