Blindfolded (7/12/15)

Hands and wrists bound, in
The way I wish your heart was to mine.
Only blackness greets my eyelids
Only crisp air caresses my face.

I do not know who took my sight.
Maybe it was me, in a fit of anxious frenzy
Or you did it without even noticing.

Someone whispers in my ear;
Tells me that one step means the end.
My foot hovers in thin air like a hook –
The moment it touches a river’s surface
About to plunge into the water for a fish.

For fear, I cannot make myself move.
I hear your footsteps echo somewhere
Somewhere far away from me.
I cannot call out to you.
What if you were to pull this mask off my face
Let me stare into a lonely abyss
Before you push me to my doom, alone?

But the whispers will not stop
And you have not come to save me
And I am stuck, foot aloft, eyes blind
Fearful of a fateful step
And longing for the touch of your hand
A hand that will pull me back from the edge
A hand that will touch my whitened face
A hand that will rip the cover from my eyes
And will show me that the abyss was never there.