Cry (14/12/15)

All the times I cried for you:
When I poured out my heart at 3am
When I realised how I really felt
When I told you that I loved you
When you gently let me down
When I remembered all the things you’d said
When I still dreamed of you four months later
When he couldn’t make me happy because he wasn’t you
When you kissed me then changed your mind
When you told me that you wanted me
When you were far away
When you told me I was beautiful
When I thought I made you mad
When I thought I wasn’t good enough
When I thought I loved you more than you loved me
When I thought I bothered you
When I made things awkward
When you didn’t speak for weeks
When I thought I had done wrong
When I knew that you were hurting
When I knew that it was coming
When I thought of life without you
When you said you couldn’t go on
When I begged and prayed for you to stay
When you finally let me go.

Tears still want to come when I’m alone
But I will them back into my skull.
My goal of apathy may seem cruel
But darling, I can’t keep crying for you.

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