I Wear Dresses Now. (20/12/15)

There’s a clock at Waterloo station
And I always waited for you there
After ages doing my makeup
And deciding what to wear.

Always covered up in jeans
And shirts that hid my stomach’s sag.
I’d finger skirts in the clothing stores,
But I’d never bother looking at the price tag.

You made me feel beautiful
And I felt like I could wear that dress.
Pulled it off the hanger and hoped
That this time I wouldn’t be a mess.

I hoped and prayed you’d like that dress.
Didn’t own many before you.
I have seven now, mostly black
But I have a soft spot for the Prussian blue.

Leaned against you in a pizza place
Mumbled that it was for you
You told me that it was lovely
And that I was lovely too.

I wore a black dress when you
Gave me that Hungerford Bridge kiss
I found that dress the other day
Remembered that quiet, perfect bliss.

There’s a clock at Waterloo station
And I will always grieve for how
We fell apart, and that you won’t see,
Because of you, I wear dresses now.