Red/Blue (27/12/15)

Shout-out to Halsey and her song ‘Colors’ for the inspiration behind this quick piece.

I was red and you were blue
Together we made a lilac hue.

They always tell you that red means rage
And impassioned desire that belongs on a stage.

But red is the colour of the fire of anxiety
And of my lips after you’d been kissing me

You were as blue as the sky in your eyes
The calm and the strong and the sweet and the wise

You could calm the flames in me
You made me happy, made me free

I wrote sonnets about our love
You’d hold me tight when things got tough.

Then I was blue and you were red.
And it was purple which would strike this dead.

We weren’t the same shade as before
I wondered if that meant that I loved you more.

I was ocean, you were sunset
You touched me the first day we met.

But I swallowed you beneath my waves
And now our memories lie in watery graves.

The evening was always bound to end.
But I’ll never see the sun again.

Because red is the colour that tells you to stop.
Blue is the colour of worried tears that drop.

Red is the colour that made us end.
Blue is the colour that cries but can’t mend.

I’ll scream my love into a black, boiling sea
Because I loved you more than you loved me.