Writing Updates (25/9/16)

Hi everyone!

Sorry again about being so inactive – I’ve had a crazy summer trying to finish my MA dissertation, co-edit an anthology, work part-time and complete an internship with a book packaging company! I’ve also been job hunting, which has been so far unproductive (I’m terrible at interviews!!).


My MA dissertation is now FINISHED! That means I can return to editing my novel…and I have set myself a goal. By the end of October, it shall be complete. Or, complete-ish. At least, I want it to be good enough that I can send it off to agents (and get back to the ones who requested it at a festival back in June! Argh!). I’m not far off, so I think I should be able to get it done…as long as I stick to my self-imposed social media hiatus which I’m going to be on until the end of October – so no Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr for this girl! I may make the odd update post here or on Instagram, but that’ll be it.

Because I’m focusing on my novel, this blog is going to take a slight turn – I’m going to talk more about writing fiction (particularly YA) on this blog! I hope to make some more posts about the YA genre, writing and editing processes, and the hunt for an agent. But I’m never going to abandon poetry, so I’ll try and make an effort to write some more for this blog too.

As the MA Anthology is also complete, I’m going to post the short story I wrote here, called Chance, in my next post. I enjoyed writing it – it’s a dark fairytale with a steampunk edge, and I originally wrote it for the MA, and I got a distinction for it so I’m pretty happy with it.

Hope everyone had a great summer! Now, back to work 🙂 xx

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