Christopher (14/11/15)

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been really busy with work for my MA. Here’s a love poem/response to Christopher Marlowe’s ‘The Passionate Shepherd to His Love’, which is one of my absolute favourite poems of all time.

Come live with you and be your love
You said, the pleasures we would prove
I am soft and bright and new
And I am so deeply lost in you.

In this bed of flowers I lie
And gaze up at the summer sky
I am young, naive, unwise
And always dreaming of your eyes.

I will walk alone on country roads
And over rivers, hills and meadows.
I will sit on rocks and wait for you
And pray that you will be with me soon.

You meet me at the riverside
And turn me to a blushing bride,
In the water I lose my golden shoe
But it is soon brought back by you.

You will cover me in pretty things
And we will listen to the songbirds sing
Draw patterns on each others’ skin
And wait until the night draws in.

I’ll watch and laugh as others dance
And drown myself in this romance
For I have nothing left to prove
And we will live and be in love.

William and Christopher (28/9/15)

I’ll possibly extend this later, but I just wanted to get some ideas down. You can probably tell which theories about Shakespeare/Marlowe’s lives I buy into based on this.


He sits alone in a dimly lit room
His eyes narrowed as he writes through the gloom
Left his wife behind in their second-best bed
Others wonder if their marriage is dead
When he writes words of love for a dark-skinned girl
And for a golden-haired Southampton earl.


He owes far too many men to count
His minor crimes start to amount:
A darkened jaw from a brutish fight
They call him heretic. Maybe they are right.
He’ll meet his end on a liar’s knife
When a tavern brawl will take his life.


Kit first, in the tale of a king
Time will make it a significant part:
For Will will be second and far behind
With six years’ worth of a heavy heart.
They will both write those words in blackest nights,
Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?