Dear Sylvia Plath (25/5/15)

You were well-educated
You were brilliant
And you were promising.

My pen runs lines under your words
As I search for an answer.
Thirty-one years separate your end
And my beginning
And yet you knew.

I cannot spin verse like yours
Though my whole heart aches to try.
But I do not need to tell him
All the beautiful ways in which I love him:
You have already done that for me.

And when I cannot move from my sheets
Because my mind is filled with grey
I do not even have to wonder.
I know you felt this too.

When I look down at my own words
And tear them into pieces
I know you felt this too.

When I tasted death in a quiet room
I knew you felt this too.

But my eyes opened to a new day.

You didn’t feel that.

You were never useless
You were never indifferent

And you were never middle-aged.