Episode V (26/9/13)

One last poem for tonight before I head to bed. This is…a Star Wars fan’s love poem? A bit sappy and dorky, I know, but it’s raw and true and personal, plus I’m a total sucker for a) Star Wars and b) romance, so it seemed natural. Forever annoyed that ‘V’, as in the Roman numeral, is read as ‘five’ and not ‘vee’. This was one of those pieces that just flowed free, so I haven’t done any real editing to it – maybe one day I’ll update it properly. It’s kind of short, but I think it works better that way, because it’s the only thing I’m sure about but it’s also the thing that I have no guts to say.

It’s my favourite part.
To say that
And for you to say it back.

“I love you.”
“I know.”

But you won’t.

I hope when you play the tape back and you
Settle down for the night
When you skip to the good part, the best part
Where it’s goodbye
When she says I love you
And he says he knows
I hope you think of me
Just think of me
But you won’t.

I hope someday you’ll rewatch Episode V
And think of me
But you won’t.


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